Akiba-chan and Akiba-kei, you should know this cool guy named Zeen Chin. Born in Malaysian, Zeen as himself stated, is an illustrator and concept artist who started creating arts around ten years ago and he joined an Applibot and Kingdom Death as a freelancer since 2012. He told us that at first, he posted his digital works online and everything came to him.



As a digital artist he said both traditional and digital art has their own difficulties and basically the same thing. Digital a computer a tool which helps an artist to create an artwork. But whichever tool that we preferred, we must learn about the concept such as anatomy, and composition a lot to help us create an art that looks great and proportional. For him, the most difficult part in making an art is colour composition.


At the first time when Zeen started making his digital art, he felt his colour sense was not really good. But he didn’t give up and kept practicing his colour composition until he reached his current level now. If we look at his artworks, we could agree that hardworking is the key for every artists to perfecting their own skills.


Zeen used to draw a fantasy themed art as you can check out on his gallery album, he even introducing his art book on his own booth at ComicFest ID 2016. An artist from Japan inspired him to start making his known awesome digital art and most of his works are inspired by his own experience and knowledge.


As a guest artist at ComicFest ID 2016 who participated in a talk show about comic, he said compared to Malaysia there are more artists in Indonesia. But they have almost a similar situation with Malaysian artist. For his next project, he will release a new art book this year. Hope we could get in touch on his amazing works soon.



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