Silent Siren (SISI, spoken as SAY SAY) is rocking Japan entertaiment industry. Not many bands could put some of their works on the top ten charts at the same time. But in Japan, Silent Siren has put their 9 hits to dominate the ORICON, a prestigious top ten chart in the country. Considering their very initial formation back in 2010, Silent Siren is the fastest band brave enough to perform at Nippon Budokan Tokyo last year on August 2014. Undoubtedly the concert was sold out.

 Silent-Siren 2
Now the girl band is coming for performance in Jakarta, the first they have already performance in Gelar Jepang 2015 on 9th August 2015, and the SISI’s second performance will be on 19th September 2015 at the Upperroom Pullman Hotel. Ticket can be obtained at and starting from IDR 150.000 (Festival) and IDR 300.000 (VIP).


silent siren
Silent Siren is Girl band consist of 4 young girls ; Suu (Sumire Yoshida) is the vocalist while she is also playing guitar, Hinanchu (Hinako Umemura) is the drummer, Ainyan (Aina Yamauchi) as the bass player, and Yukarun (Yukako Kurosaka) as the keyboard player. On stage they appear not only as charming teenagers but also good at playing energetic and playful music.


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