Tsubasa Cosplayer (TBS) is one of a handsome cosplayer from Hongkong. He has been started dive in to Cosplay world since 2004. So much characters have been cosplayed by him, started from Kira Yamato (Gundam Seed), Kirito (SAO), Souma (Shougeki no Souma), and the latest one a character from the most phenomenal anime in this year, Mikaera (Owari no Seraph). Not only he did cosplay, but he also Crossplayedi as female characters and he did so well on it, he looked beautiful as the character. It is not supprising that all his fans will go all melted everytime their favorite characters were cosplayed by TSUBASA Cosplayer.

Source : TBS Facebook Page & Worldcosplay
Source : TBS Facebook Page & Worldcosplay

On the latest Seraph no Cafe : Owari no Mugen Tabemasu event, Akiba team got a chance to had exclusive interview with these one of the famous cosplayer in Asia. Curious? Please check it out :


Q : Hallo Tsubasa, as all we know you have already been a cosplayer since 2004 and so much characters you’ve been cosplay, so far what is the most favorite character you’ve been cosplayed?

A : I like all the character i’ve cosplay, but for this year maybe characters from Owari no Seraph anime. I like this anime because there are two heroine on it, Yuu anda Mika that become my favorite character this year


Q : So far, in you experience which is the most difficult part in making a costume?

A : Sometimes there are some characters which need armor or heavy metal accessories on it that make me had to ask my friend to help me making it, because i’m not really good in making them myself. Sometimes Luffy also would help me to find the needed items on some cosplay shop.

Q : You’ve done not only cosplay, but also crossplaying as a girl characters, even until now there are some people who still confused about your gender, are you male or female? So how do you feel about that?

A : I’m happy, because i could cosplay as her, moreover if people see me that i’m good on it and see me as a girl, that’s mean i complete the character, even if there are some people tha saying “oh you still looked like a boy, you are not looked like a girl”, i still happy.

Q : Last bu not the least, what is your tips to make a good cosplay as cool as you?

A : There are two important things on cosplay, first is your wig and the second is your make up. In cosplaying a character you need to concern on your base make up and you eye make up, also the cutting and setting of your wig neeed to be your concern than detail of your costume, because the first thing that people see on your cosplay photo is your face not your costume.

Before we ended the interview, Akiba Nation ask Tsubasa to had a play with us which he had to choose a statement quickly. We gave him two option of statements and he had two chiise it fast and this is the result.


Wow it seems that TSUBASA really loves Mike, doesn’t it? And don’t forget, he also leave message to all his fans in Indonesia. Hoepfully he will come again to meet you all.



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