N3331, is the name of Cafe that located in a shopping center called Maach. Not only has a unique name, but both shopping center and cafe is also located in a location that is quite interesting. If Maach located in a former railway station that has been closed since 1943 that Manseibashi Station, then N3331 cafe located right in between the two railway lines, the Chuo line, which is the path from east to west right through the center of Tokyo.
Although the Manseibashi station has already not operated but both the railway line is still used and is one of the busiest lines in Japan. So in addition to leisurely enjoy the food and drinks that have been ordered, the visitors also can feel the sensation when there are two trains simultaneously drove the middle between the two sides of them.




In addition to presenting a menu of food and alcoholic beverages, this cafe also serves a variety of soft drinks such as coffee, smoothies and ice tea are also offered at a price range of about 500 yen or approximately fifty four thousand rupiah.


Maach itself precisely located next to the river Kanda and about five minutes walk from Akihabara station. Despite being in Akihabara, but not like shopping centers are generally located in Akihabara that sells electronic devices and filled by otaku, then Maach which opened in 2013 is filled by shops that sell items like beautiful interior equipment.







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