Hi Japanese Lovers How do you do?

For Japanese Lovers of Surabaya, Last week is certainly a heaven. How does that possible? within a week the Japanese lovers are spoiled with two big events of Japan’s Culture. There are Surabaya Toys and Anime Fair 2015 and Japanese World Airlangga University 2015.

Located at 6th Floor Atrium Hall of Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya, the event, which opened at 10:00 to 22:00 pm was held for three consecutive days from 6-8 February 2015. STAF2015 has two main venues that are on the outside of the booth that sells a wide variety of action figures and of course all various stuff about anime and films as well as exhibitions of lego. And The second area is where the main stage held a wide variety of major competitions at STAF2015 and also other competitions held by various community booth who support the STAF2015 such as hotwheels booth, RCDCS booth, Cross Gathering Booth. And what make STAF2015 even more special is the appearance of the guest star, the international Cosplayer from Malaysia Ying Tze!

venue luar

outside area

figure iron man iron man figures

venue dalam

inside area

In three days, the event organizers held many various event every day. As on the first day Friday, They held preliminary round dance cover, band performances, magic show of the magician Steve Angel and The favorite of the visitors is the Minion Dance. The first day closed by a DJ performance.On the second day, even more exciting there are varieties of cool events such as building lego competition, second preliminary round of dance cover, and also auction.On Sunday (8 / Feb of) the last day as the peak of it’s event there are cosplay contests for the category group, individual and Costreet. Not only the dance cover final event that peased us, with the performance from guest stars like WTF and Poison, but also the performance of live act by Spiderman and Kamen Rider. The event concluded with the announcement of the cosplay competition and dance cover competition winner and DJ performance.

fun iki

dance cover


One Piece lovers were spoiled with hundreds of One Piece action figure along approximately 10 meters. That’s not all! Beside, hundreds of One Piece action figures action figures, there are more like Hot Wheels Limited Edition, Captain America, Spider-Man, Superman, The Hobbit, Predator, Iron Man, and many more. For visitors who like take a selfie and want to take photos with cool background, they will definitely satisfied with photo booths available, for example the Lego booth next to the entrance, Super Mario booth, Monsters University, and the coolest of all is the booth of the hall of fame of Iron Man.

figure one piece

iron man

For those who came and witness, should know how cool STAF2015 was yesterday. The big fans of Ying Tze can enjoy fanservice of the Malaysian cosplayers like signing and photos together. On the third day of arrival Ying Tze, main stage arena draw many attention of visitors, especially the males. Wearing Maki costume from the anime Love Live, Ying Tze patiently wait on hundreds of fans swarming to photograph or just ask for a signature.

Ying Tze

The Kamen Rider fans also blessed with the appearance of it’s many riders.Can enjoy hundreds of collection action figures, can meet famous cosplay star, and many other fun things. Hopefully this event can improve and continue to satisfy the Japanese lovers. hopefully next year STAF event was held again and could be the better event.

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