Once agan Sara came to Indonesia and on this opportunity Akiba Teams had a chance to hear the story about him, his cosplay, and don’t forget, CC.  Sara – Taosa Bao or known as Sara Senpai is a male cosplayer from Singapore. His cosplay start became famous in Indonesa after his cosplay as Aomine (Kuroko no Basuke).


For him cosplay is not only a hobby but also a new form of art. “Doing a cosplay is a way for someone to express themselves, their feelings, and how they want to express anime/manga/game character that they into to, that’s why now many people start the chance to make cosplay as a profession. Now cosplay evolve not only as a hobby but something more and he hopes it will evolve more.” said Sara.


One of his most favourite cosplay is Pegasus Ryu Sei (Siant Seiya) but he seldom to bring it overseas because the armor props are too big, and he needs more than 2 luggages to pack it. Also we only see a few of his photos as that character. But don’t worry, he has a surprise for all his fans in the future relating to his Saint Seiya Cosplay.

Talking about his cosplay as Ryu Sei, do you remember about his journey to Japan? Actually he didn’t only go there for holiday, but he was invited to became a MC to a visual key band Live Concert performance in Japan. There, he has a friend on group band namely UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ. He was asked to collaborate with them using Ryu Sei costume, although he didn’t sing there. He told us that he learned and found many interesting things there. He learned that a visual key artist had to do the make up by themselves, even bring their own mirror. Such an interesting story we heard from him that he experienced how it feels to have a dinner in a roadside ramen shop along with all men similar as how we see it on anime or dorama. He said “At least my dream to be on a stage with a visual key band came true, although I didn’s sing”.


We all know that he has a lovely best friend, CC. CC is a doll that was given by his mother to him. For Sara, CC is his favorite stuff toy. If you follow his Instagram, he took a lot photos of CC and made a caption #365daysofCC. He said he made that because he want to has a record of CC in a whole year, where she has been or what she’s up to. Actually it was requested by his fans, because they always see him uploaded photos of CC, but it wasn’t consistent, so they asked him to make photo of CC one each day.

Last, he gave a us a tips how to become great in cosplay. The best tips is don’t compare your cosplay to another person or the same character that is cosplayed by another person. “The most important is if you had the feeling that the character must be done this way, then you should do it based on your feeling. It is important to express yourself because it might had a better result than you comparing to other cosplay, because you’ll  accidentally end up copying and not expressing yourself. If you want to comparing, then compare it to your previous cosplay and improve along the way. I think it’s the best way to really really enjoy the hobby” said Sara.



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