Jun Kaise is a cosplayer from Japan. She is famous for her cosplay as male character. Start from Ookurikara (Touken Ranbu), Nicolas Brown (Gangsta), Matsuoka Rin (Free!), and many more. In Bandung Wonderland Akiba Nation got a chance to had a little chit chat with her and dig more about Jun. She really is a humble and fun person. Want to know more about her? Check it out.

Source : Jun Kaise Facebook

Jun-san started cosplay 9 years ago. Her most favorite character is Buchou from Sengoku no Musou game . Although we rarely see her cosplay as female character. She admitted it that she doesn’t really like feminine character so mostly we always see her cosplaying as male characters. Her cosplay photos are always expressive that she could bring the character into life. She said in cosplaying a character she always steeped into the character and always try to do the best to cosplay the character. She said that to make a best cosplay, first thing is you have to like the character, know the character inside and outside then do your best to make it life by your cosplay.

Source : Jun Kaise Facebook
Source : Jun Kaise Facebook

In all of her cosplay, she always partnered up with Neru. There were so many anime/manga couple characters that they have  been cosplayed.  Although mostly it is a yaoi ship characters ^ ^. For Jun-san, as a partner Neru is always there to support her, in her opinion Neru is a hard working person in everything she does.

As all we know, Jun-san likes minion. She said that she likes them because they are so cute. She really want and has a plan to cosplay as one of the minion bunch, possibly Stuart. But she still doesn’t know when will she cosplay as minion.

This is her first time coming to Indonesia. She said that Indonesian cosplayer and fans are friendly and gave a good atmosphere. Their cosplay are good so it is enjoyable to see their cosplay.

Hopefully she will come again to Indonesia and  we can meet her along with her partner Neru.



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