A live action movie which is adapted from Hiro Arikawa’s romance entitled SHOKUBUTSU ZUKAN (植物図鑑) has been confirmed its premiere on June 4th, 2016. They also have uploaded a trailer video through an official youtube of this project. This video shows the relationship between two main characters.

This romantic movie will be starred by Iwata Takanori from EXILE/Sandaime J Soul Brothers (EXILE TRIBE) music group and beautiful actress Mitsuki Takahata. Takanori will play as Itsuki “a lost prince”. While, Mitsuki will act as the main character named Sayaka. This movie is directed by Miki Koichiro and adapts the real story from Kadokawa Shoten’s novel in 2009.

Shokubutsu zukan tells about Sayaka, a usual carreer woman who has tortuous life. Neither her job nor her love story. One day, she found a man was in agony in front of her apartment. The man said, “Madam, would you mind carrying to me your home?”. Shortly, Sayaka allowed him to go with her and began a new life. Unexpectedly, Itsuki was talented on cooking, he also could make herbal drinks. He taught Sayaka many things and then got closer and closer. However, Itsuki had a big secret which had to be revealed in the future.Shokubutsu film (1)


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