If in the last year we were treated to stories of struggle brothers of women who are looking for true love to escape from the curse of cold in the film frozen,This time Disney gives one more qualified spectacle that you must see. Yes, especially if it is not a Big Hero 6, best animated film at the end of 2014.

The story is about a genius boy named Hiro who struggles to uncover the mysterious death of his beloved brother named Tadashi. To treat his deep wounded heart, he decided to develop an artificial human robot protector made by his brother named Baymax. Hiro and Baymax trying to uncover the secrets of his brother’s death and the struggling against a mysterious enemy anyway. While on the other hand, Baymax a programmed robot that can not hurt, would Baymax can protect Hiro?

Supervisor Disney character design maker Kim Jin (ジ ン · キ ム) who has worked for 10 years, to expose the secrets how to draw characters Baymax with ease. Which became a special point in drawing Baymax is drawing the facial expression. While looking at how to draw Jin-san, you can learn how an image can be really real and it looks like can be touched.

Making Baymax is a perfect combination of pointed an idea and simplicity of the design and provision of the right finishing touch. According to Jin-san, it is a beautiful blend of brain, body, arms and legs are packed into one, forming a robot that is easy to be embraced. From those things Baymax character appears. The ability to draw is exactly very impressive.

In early depiction many people commented on the first point that illustrates the nose and mouth of Baymax considered strange and unique shape. But apparently unique shape is a result of her travels around Japan and indeed in the making Baymax derived from Bell or bells in Otera (temples) in Japan. And again, in addition to promoting a simple character, why should we make that more difficult?

After seeing how Jin-san drawing, whether mina-san all want to try to draw it too?

Baymax itself can be watched all across the country from December 20, 2014. Do not miss guys!

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