Who doen’t know PD Cosplay? For you who are fans of ikemen cosplayer must be know who is PD. Yes, PD (That what she is called) is a cosplayer from Thailand. She is so talented with her cosplay as ikemen characters that surely loved by all fangirls in this world. Yesterday she came to Jakarta became as a guest for an event in this city and on that ocassion Akiba Teams got a chance to had a chit-chat with PD talking about her cosplay life. Want to get know more about her? So let’s check it out!


Akiba : Hi PD! Your name is unique we think, may we know what is “PD” stands for?

PD : My old pen name is PoppinD … i alway use PoppinD anywhere .. etc. game / blog / signature. And then i started cosplay i think short name is easy to remember. and that why i changed my name to PD

Akiba : So when is your first cosplay? And which character is your first character?

PD : I started since 2007. My first Character is Baku-zang from D-gray man.


Akiba : From all your cosplay, which one is your favorite character to be cosplayed?

PD : I love all my cosplay and they are all my favorite characters too… i think Jack frost is my best cosplay from me in the past. But now my favorite is Doutanuki masakuni from Touken Ranbu.


Akiba : We saw it on your FB page timeline the different of your Baku Chang cosplay in 2007 and 2015, and that is so much great different, so what is your motivation until you have a great cosplay like now?

PD : i always want to do as my best. I want to see Whoever who love this character then look at me and say “wow.. you look like a character” I want to make good impresstion. I love to change my face to be a character by makeup and from inner.

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Akiba : One of your cosplay that famous in Indonesia is your Minho from The Maze Runner, so what do you think of that character? Why did you cosplay it?

PD : Definitely i love him so much!!! lol. i want to try something new. ex. make prop from leather


Akiba : Who is your inspiration for cosplay? Why do you choose him/her?

PD : First inspiration is Yuegene Fay. I see Yugene Fay in her blog when i was young. She has many talenta.  I khow her for long time and she still my idol.

Akiba : What is your most good and bad experience in cosplaying?

PD : – Most good experience is Win 1st position in cosplay competition with team. and for bad experience is not coming yet. lol

Akiba : Oh may we know, do you make your costume by your self? And in your opinion which costume is the hardest to be made?

PD : I just started 1 years. And first costume that i sewing by my self is Doutanuki .…. yep really hard


Akiba :  I also saw it on your twitter and Instagram, it seems you love Indomie, which flavor is your favorite? Why do you like Indomie?

PD : First time i got them from a fan in a event in Jakarta last year. And she said you should try! …which flavour ….i think i like it all. hahahah > <

Akiba : Least but not the last, can you give your fans here tips in cosplay, how you make up or styling your wig, and how to make a best angle in your photo?

PD : About a wig. i think when you want to set a wig you don’t have to be scared. you should learn how to cut and fix this by your self first. Because a wig is on your head.  Also don’t put product on wig much > Wax / Jel < it make wig heavy. and you can’t set wig up. and if you want to wash a wig you can use shampoo and don’t use powered.

– About angle for photoshoot… i think is up to one. or character. if i cosplay as cool guy i should turn my face a bit in 45degree for show my chin and jaw line.And move your shoulder up and look wide. and keep your hip behind your walk step. post like you have long legs.this is a point for men . I don’t cosplay as girl much but i think point to photoshoot is eyes and cheek. hahahaha

Yup! That’s all our interview with PD Cosplay. Dont forger to fillow his account :

PD Cosplay Facebook

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PD Cosplay Instagram



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