after Cry Out was released on iTunes, and became a teaser of the album 35xxxv, it was not only that, yesterday (January 27) through their official YouTube channel, ONE OK ROCK released the PV of the song that settle in the Track 3 in this 35xxxv Album .

The PV with duration of 3:52 minutes, many Slo-Mo act are presented in its scene. Slo-Mo or Slow Motion acts appear in more than 50% of the total PV of this. Indeed, not only in this PV ONE OK ROCK use the concept, previously in PV Mighty Long Fall, they also presented many scenes of Slo-Mo, even with special effect by spraying red powder to the members.

Slo-Mo effects did make a scene feel more Epic. Recorded with a high-speed camera (up to thousands of Fps / Frames Per Second), makes the scene feel more emotional. But if we take a look at the concept of ONE OK ROCK MV recently, compared to the their previous MV from the old days, we will feel the some of different impression. Just mention the song such as Jibun Rock which is also included in their official YouTube channel, Everything in this MV seems at a fast pace, perhaps it is also become the topic of debate among fans. In youtube comments section of PV Cry Out, there is still some fans who compare ONE OK ROCK in the past with their present style. Changes in the concept of music is also very influential in this regard. Now ONE OK ROCK want to be seen as Epic as possible.

Back to the Slo-Mo, usually to add some Cool impression in the scene. There will be a chaotic effects that are included. Mighty Long Fall for example, they added red powder spraying effect, whereas in PV Cry Out the chaotic effect is the flying objects and also water spray. Let’s see the screen capture of each members scene in slow motion.

Ryota in Slo-Mo
Ryota in Slo-Mo
Toru in Slo-Mo
Toru in Slo-Mo
Tomoya in Slo-Mo
Tomoya in Slo-Mo

Can you see there are many things floating around them. if you see the video, of course it would give the epic impression. But more Epic scene, is when the surroundings of Taka is moving in Slo-Mo but yet he still singing in Normal speed.

Cry Out9


cool, isn’t it ?? Continue to the plot and story, it seems not far from the concept of this chaos. There is a pair of lovers who are in a riot, in which the girls wants to shoot the villain but instead she was shot first. But, the video provide another dimension where the boy saw the girl faded, then tried to grab her back, and the Video is reversed and twisted to the guy saving the girl by becoming a shield so in the end he get shot, well after that, it’s all about rain ,,

Yang mengawali videonya tembakan ini
A shot that started his video
Si cewek mencoba membalas
The girl try to give her shot also
Sebelum sempet nembak, eh, si cakep ini ketembak duluan
But before she manage to shoot, she got shot first

Well it’s kind of like that the synopsis told, now try to see for yourself how cool Cry Out in it’s Slow Motion. and tell me about your opinions …

Oh additional of course, if you want to see how sophisticated the effect of making Slo-Mo a.k.a. Slow Motion, check The Slow Mo Guys Youtube account, these dudes like to make the Slow Motion project that is really cool!!


Source: Youtube



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