Momoiro Clover Z released a short version of the MV “Seishunfu”, in the visible MV Momoiro Clover Z members who join and sing along with choral groups in a graduation ceremony.

Seishunfu itself is one of the soundtrack of the film which also starred Momoiro Clover Z namely Maku ga Agaru (The Curtain Rises) and directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro, so the MV of this song also contains scenes footage are also included in the film. This song will be released on March 11, while for the film will be released on 28 February. Maku ga Agaru (The Curtain Rises) itself tells of the struggle in a high school theater group in the national competition.

It should be noted that the full version of this MV will only be present in the Blu-ray Disc in a limited edition version of A, while for limited edtion B will contain the MV “Hashire! -Z Ver.-“

Here is the short version MV Seishunfu, enjoy!


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