The AKB48 idol group never stop flooding us with surprising news. We still remember about this man, a die-hard fans of AKB48 who give an extraordinary prize to his idol, a wedding proposal, in a handshake event some time ago. However, now the idol group came with a surprisingly unhappy news.

Today, May 25, 2014, the regular handshake event held by the idol group AKB48 that is supposed to bring joy, turns to be just the opposite. How could possibly it be a happy occasion when in the middle of the event, a mysterious man who marched in the crowd of fans, reportedly carrying a chainsaw and hurt the two members of AKB48 and one of the staff.

According to one of the fans of AKB48 who witnessed the event, this is what happens chronologically. The mysterious man was initially lined up in row of Takahashi Minami. The supervision of metal objects on the show was not so thorough, so he might have hid the weapon in a bag. Suddenly he pulled out a chainsaw and started attacking. He attacked two members of AKB48, Kawaei and Iriyama, and also one of the staff who were trying to protect members of AKB48. When the blood spilled from Kawaei’s head that caused her fainted, all the people there were panicked and run. Several other members who also attended the handshake began to cry and scream in horror. Then the staff began to help secure the other members. Finally the police cars and ambulances arrived. The man then arrested on the charges of attempted murder.

The ambulance transporting Kawaei
The ambulance transporting Kawaei
Police cars arrived
Police cars arrived

The fans also saw Takahashi Minami shaking following this inexplicable accident. No wonder if this could cause psychological distress and trauma to anyone, including members of AKB48 for the future events.

Later news emerged that Iriyama was wounded in the hand and Kawaei was injured on the head. Both were still conscious and fortunately had no fatal injuries. Regarding the identity of the mysterious man, it is later discovered that he was 24 years old and an unemployed. He came from Aomori and it remains unclear what is the motive behind his action. Other AKB48 members who attended the handshake event is Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kojima Haruna, and Shimazaki Haruka.

All of the fans could only hope that the tragedy such as the attacking of a mysterious man in AKB48’s handshake event will never happen again. They also hope the other members of AKB48 did not experience trauma regarding this event.




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