Be ready for you who feel bored of genre of fantasy which always appears in every seasons. Good news from a horror serial by Mikamoto Rei. One of the most popular work of him entitled CHIMAMIRE SUKEBAN CHAINSAW (血まみれスケバンチェーンソ) has been adapted to be a live action movie.

The movie which its premiere will be on January 2016, has released new key visual and a trailer video via an official website. This key visual shows main character of a girl with seiku and a big chainsaw between her two thighs. While, the trailer video shows the beginning of the movie. For you who want to know about this, click this video:

The director of Messiah, Yamaguchi Hiruoki for the second time will be a leader in this movie project and also helped by Fukuhara Mitsunori as the author. For the cast, the main actress as heroine (Geeko) will be played by Rio Uchida. This actress previously has starred a lot of movies like when she acted as Shijima Kiriko in Kamen Rider Drive.

The story of Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw focuses on a girl named Geeko Nokomura who has to struggle by herself to eradecate Nero Aoi. Obviously Nero is her classmate, but she has turned all her friends to be zombies, so Geeko is eager to kill her. To enlive her target, even Geeko has no mercy to saw all zombies who are actually her ex-classmates.

Chimamire film (2)Chimamire film (1)


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