GAKU MIYAO, Between A Mangaka and Ontel – Special Interview


Hello Akiba-chan dan Akiba-kei. Do you know Miyao-sensei? Gaku Miyao is a mangaka who’s born in Kagawa prefecture, Japan, but started his career as an animator. Later, he chose to create manga so he could explore the storytelling process of his work on his own. Miyao-sensei has created some comics in various genres such as slice of life and adventure. He’s known for his work on the series Kazan, Cycle Shop Aoba, and Devil Hunter Yohko which has been translated to many languages. You can contact him on twitter.



On May 28 and 29, Miyao-sensei held a meet and greet with his dear fans on ComicFest ID 2016 at Smesco UKM, Jakarta, Indonesia. He’s very enthusiastic and kindly greeted the lined up attendees. On this opportunity, AkibaNation teams got a chance to hear some words about his work and his passion for the well-known Japanese comics.

At first our teams heard about Miyao-sensei’s interest on Indonesian authentic bicycle named ontel. For him, a bicycle is the closest thing for people, so he would be interested to learn more about any bicycle in any society. Miyao-sensei even stated that if he ever got writer block on his work, he will ride bicycle more often than he usually did. Driven by curiosity, Miyao-sensei has tried to ride an ontel at a park in Jakarta. To be honest, it’s the first time he saw an ontel, he’s never heard about this unique bicycle before he came to Indonesia. He said he felt fun and he enjoyed his ride.


On Saturday, Miyao-sensei shared his skill, knowledge and experience of manga on a talk show. “Everyone who attended my talk show is really hardworking. Even though at first they got anxious around me, but once I started drawing on the stage, they stepped closer and look interested,” he explained with a smile.


He said he’s a strict person towards himself. But if he has to teach someone, he would be gladly teach them the fun part of drawing and making comic. Firstly, at the basic step, Miyao-sensei taught his students strictly and then they could explore themselves freely afterwards. With this kind of concept he’s surely a great teacher for everyone who wants to know about how to learn to make their own comic work from the basic. In Japan, Miyao-sensei visited some comic and animation focused major universities several times but he didn’t get a chance to teach them or make a comic workshop on his own yet.

Lastly, he advised for everyone who wants to be an artist, “Before we become a technical expert, we should think how to be a better person first. And if we see how cool it becomes, life will surely be fun. If we keep trying and continue fighting for this, we could make a work which represents how good life is and share it to others.” Thanks for your kind words, sensei. We would treasure it in our heart and mind.


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