Japanese are worldly famous for their whitish skin, which they often picked into skin whitening products commercials in the Asian region. There are thousands, if not millions woman in the Asian region, who have been brainwashed by the commercial agents to follow what so called the purity of Japanese white skin. The beautiful white skin of Japanese has been a trademark globally.

On the other hand, not all Japanese people are proud with their white skin. The presence of the Ganguro (ガ ングロ~ read: gan-guro) in Japan is an undeniable proof.

Ganguro girls ~ Japaneses are not traditionally white anymore?


Common Ganguro in the street

Ganguro is a trend of Japanese teenagers, especially girls, appeared since the 90s. Literally, Ganguro is defined as ‘black complexion’. Actually, I couldn’t help to translate it to ‘dark face’, but no good there eh, sounds like the title of a mystery movie? :v Of course their black complexion isn’t an effect of they applying blackening skin cosmetic, but due to be ‘baked’ by the sunshine.

Am I kawaii yet?
Am I kawaii yet?


Let the word means black complexion, but that doesn’t mean it is only the face that have black color of bronzed in sun. The whole body of Ganguro, started from head to toe, is the craft result of the glorious sun. Therefore, sunbathing has become their routine in order to maintain the exotic color of their skin, whether on the beach, in a tanning appliance, or playing kite in the middle of rice fields in the hot summer months (don’t bother with the latter, it’s my hobby :D).

Dark doesn't mean not colorful...
Dark doesn’t mean not colorful…

In contrast with their dark skin, the Ganguro commonly use clothes, accessories, and make up that so vibrantly colorful, beating the splendor of fireworks in the end of the year. The strains of their hair colored with various colors, although bleach blonde or pale blonde are most frequent. A set of black eye liner along with matching lipstick and eye shadow in silver or metallic variant are the two mainstream elements of the Ganguro. In the fashion sector, all eyes are watching at them, because their clothing is very striking, both in terms of colors and models. The other accessories are tufted and tasseled colorful bracelets, also some flowers inserted in the hair and curled as a necklace. The girls also did ‘make-over’ in their nails of course. Overall, pink still dominates their appearance, especially in women. In short, to compensate for the skin that is not too bright, the Ganguro make their appearances all out.


Full accessorized Ganguro
Full accessorized Ganguro


Nail Ornaments ~ Being Ganguro at the very detail? Do not forget all these then…

Ganguro itself has spawned two extremist variants, Yamanba and Manba. I called extreme because their skin is darkened in the level of anarchy. In addition, the lips decoration and makeup application can rival those in the Clown business. The difference in this two extreme style, from time to time are increasingly difficult to distinguish, they are both abstract. Certainly however, the characteristic of each can be distinguished in the application of eye shadow. Yamanba generally depicts eye shadow over the area above the eyes, while Manba are above and below the eye area (that reminds me of the cute Panda).


ganguro 2
Yamanba girls


gangguro 3
Extreme Ganguro ~ have a guess! Yamanba or Manba?


Party !! ~ Yamanba and Manba

The Ganguro sure have a unique style that can’t be matched by any other. The Japanese pop princess Ayumi Hamasaki had ever tasted this style at the beginning of her career, but not at the extreme level of course (her cuteness could be gone if she did that, and that’s getting me VERY MAD!!). For those who want a closer, accurate, sharp, and reliable look of Ganguro, please visit the district of Shibuya and Ikebukuro in Tokyo. Certainly, if you sale a skin lightening creams, do not ever think to sell it to Ganguro!













ganguro2 (1)











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