So far, how can you know when someone is happy or not? What to see someone smile or laugh is enough to prove that the person is happy? We can not always be sure, because happiness is not something that can be calculated accurately and definitely like mathematics. But, what if you were given an opportunity to measure and determine the level of your happiness by using a tool?

Hitachi, Japan’s technology companieshave created a tool that can measure a person’s happiness is called “Happiness Meter”. With this tool draping on your neck so you can gauge how happy and unhappy yourself or even others who are also wearing this tool. yeah .. is it interesting huh?

But unfortunately this tool only especially created for use in the company. The advantage for employees is that they can show how happy they are to their superiors, and … the benefits to the superior is able to know what activities have been carried out by their employees. By using Happiness Meter, then this tool will send 50 signals per second to the database that will continue to detect any movements of users, such as to whom they speak, when and how long they speak, whether they are dealing with each other or not when speaking, whether they speak when they are at the office or at meetings, and so on. Although it sounds awful, but do not worry because Hitachi ensure that this tool will not take the personal information of users.


This tool has been tested in several companies and it showed remarkable results. As in a company where employees use Happiness Meter, the employee looks happiest when having tittle-tattle relaxed during breaks. Under these conditions, the company also reset the time off, they provide an opportunity for employees who have almost the same age to rest at the same time, so they can talk more comfortably. And the results of their productivity increased three-fold from the previous.

This tool will be ready for the market in April at the offered price of 100,000 yen, or about Rp. 10.624 million.

With the news this is of course also bring up the pros and cons among Japanese netizens that delivered through social networks. So, What do you think?



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