BAND-MAID are obviously appropriate to be lead trend from wave that we call as moe-metal. Why moe-metal? Because they do authentically show that they are very talented in this genre. However, because of the less publication than BABYMETAL and sensation like Lady Beard in LADY BABY, it makes BAND_MAID not as hectic as those two groups. But still, BAND-MAID are a real musicians who play their instruments, not only become an entertainers and artists in metal scene, BAND-MAID deserves in the same level of lead trend from Moe-Metal/Kawaii-Metal.

And now, BAND-MAID shows their existance by releasing 2nd mini album with title New Beginning. This second EP proves that BAND-MAID will be ready to survive with music, EP which consist of 9 tracks where some of the MV’s can be found in You Tube.

4.Price of Pride
5.Arcadia Girl
6.Don’t Apply The Brake
7.Beauty and the Beast
8.Don’t Let Me Down
9.Shake That

One of the latest MV’s several days ago was Don’t Let Me Down, which still display the great performance from all personnels by giving upbeat old-school heavy metal for all fans. and still, they provide the contradiction between cute and sweet in the style of Medieval European Maid, and also make a surprise by playing hardcore music which make them more unbelievable as musician girls.

Other two songs which are available with MV’s, are REAL EXISTENCE and THRILL that even have gained 600k and 800k since their launching on last June and November 2014. It proves that the existence of BAND-MAID is more and more alive for all fans, although their label is not as popular as than the others, like SCANDAL and BABYMETAL. Well, if we see BAND-MAID, it seems like the combination between SCANDAL and BABYMETAL, multi-talented girls in music, combined with cute character. However, BAND-MAID still provide interesting authenticity, completed by “Heavy” music, and MAID concept which totally can not be ignored by men. Even in some descriptions, BAND-MAID call their fans as Masters, with a special tagline “Welcome Home Master”, which make us as men will not ignore the epic point of this band.


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