Hi, Guys. The AkibaNation readers, today, I will share information about the four animal deities, the guardian of Japan. (メ`ロ´)︻デ═一


Genbu, Suzaku, Seiryu and Byakko. Do you recognize their name???? For those who have played games or watch anime of Persona, Devil Survivor, or Devil Summoner must have heard the names of these four deities.

Actually these four deities are the gods of ancient Chinese belief, then they were adopted by the Japanese Omnyouji. The four animal deities have elements and symbols of their own, they are the element of fire (Suzaku), water (Seiryu), earth (Genbu) and wind (Byakko).

1. Suzaku (朱雀)


Suzaku, the Goddess of Fire, a bird-shaped goddess of fire, similar to the phoenix from the western myth. Suzaku is the guardian of the Japanese archipelago in the south region. In Chinese it’s called Zhuque. When Japan adopted this animal deity, Zhuque changed its name to Suzaku. In Japan Suzaku control element of fire. The planet associated with it is Mars. Suzaku is the symbol of will and fidelity. (More Info:English / Japanese)


2. Seiryu (清 竜)


Seiryu (青 竜) depicted as blue dragon. It has another name as Azure Dragon, and in Chinese, it’s called Quinlong. Seiryu protect the southern area of ​​Japan. In Japanese belief, the animal deity Seiryu control element of water. Jupiter is the planet associated with it. The season symbolizes Seiryu is spring, and the color that characterizes him is blue and green. Seiryu is the symbol of luxury and authority, and it can also be interpreted as unrivaled strength or ferocity. (More info : English / Japanese)

Kiyouzumi temple in Japan held a festival annualy to honor Seiryu. Ancient legend told that Seiryū once drank from the waterfalls in this Kiyouzumi temple.


3. Genbu (玄武)


Genbu is depicted by a turtle with a snake tail. Genbu is the guardian of the northern region. When the Japanese adopted this animal deity from Chinese, Xuanwu changed its name to Genbu. Genbu control soil element. The planet associated with it is Mercury, and the season that reflect Genbu is winter. The color denoted Genbu is black. Genbu is the symbol of stability and long life. It also symbolizes intelligence and purity.  (more info : English / Japanese)


4. Byakko (白虎)


Byakko the White Tiger is the animal deity guarding the western region. Byakko name in Chinese is Baihu. Byakko control the wind element. Venus is the planet associated with it. Byakko symbolizes autumn season and the white color. Byakko is known for its strength and bravery. Byakko symbolize the soldiers who fought for his country and stands for spring. (More Info : English/ Japanese)


5. Kirin (キ リン)


Kirin is the fifth animal deity, he doesn’t protect any area but live in the middle region of Japan. He is represented by a gold dragon. The Chinese name of him is Qilin. Kirin control metal element. Kirin is in charge of changing the season. Kirin is symbolized by the color of brown and the nature of goodness, purity, serenity, peace, and mind.


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