Hi AkibaNation readers, surely you have already familiar with the names like Amaterasu, Izanagi or Tsukuyomi. Yupz * ~ they are the names of Japanese Shinto gods, and are often found in various anime. This time I will share about 5 famous god in Japan that often shown up in Anime. Check it Out readers (メ ロ”) ?デ═一


1. Izanagi


The male from who invites is what Izanagi called. But I prefer the title The Father of the Gods to call him. Izanagi and his wife Izanami are the gods who created the islands of Japan and various deities. After Izanami died of burned while giving birth to Kagatsuchi. Izanagi tried to revive Izanami. But when Izanagi saw Izanami form in the realm of the deaths (yomi), he was afraid and fled. Seeing her husband left her, Izanami was furious and vowed to kill 10,000 humans every day.

·ヾ (.> <) シ.To respond the vow that his wife pledged, Izanagi swore to give birth to 15,000 humans every day. Because of this story, Izanagi gained his name as the God of Birth, and Izanami gained her name as the Goddess of Death.


Izanagi From Persona 4
Izanagi From Persona 4

Aside from Persona, there is also a Jutsu in Naruto anime that use Izanagi name. This Jutsu of Mangekyou Sharingan has the power to connect illusion and reality, which is considered forbidden in Uchiha clan, because of the dire consequences of its use. Only those who have and can control the strength of both the Uchiha and Senju power area able to take advantage of a complete and perfect form of this Jutsu.

Izanagi is the most powerful genjutsu. When performed, the caster removes boundaries between reality and illusion in their personal mind. This stage allows the user to control their own existence. Izanagi aftermath effect vary among user, depending on the level of dominance over the lineage, but so far those who have recently used the Izanagi (Danzo and Madara) have experienced a terrible effect. The eye used in izanagi is to be closed forever.


Izanagi in Yugi-Oh
Izanagi in Yugi-Oh


2. Izanami


The female who invites, this goddes actually has the same duties as Izanagi. But after died of burns while giving birth to the god of fire Kagatsuchi, and saw her husband fled when they saw her, finally Izanami vowed to bring 10,000 people to go with him into the realms of death. Izanami is also called the goddess of death.



Izanami from Persona 4


Izanami from Yugi-Oh

Just like Izanagi, this goddess name also used as one of the jutsu name in Naruto. Izanami jutsu is similar to Tsukuyomi no jutsu. However, in Izanami the opponent can still fight and think clearly but in circular repeated same event, again and again in his own mind. While Tsukuyomi was Genjutsu that when his opponent hit this jutsu he can not resist and continue to be suffered in endless pain.   ? = ≡ Σ (((つ> <)つ


3. Amaterasu


Amaterasu the Sun God, is the reigning queen in the world of gods and also the commander of the troops of war god. Wooow (o’∀ `o). Amaterasu was born when Izanagi purify his eyes after return from Yomi (the land of death). This goddess is said to be the ancestor of the Japanese emperor.


Amaterasu no jutsu
Amaterasu no jutsu


Amaterasu in Five Star Stories


Amaterasu in Okami game


4. Tsukuyomi


Tsukuyomi is the god of the moon and the brother of Amaterasu. He was also born by Izanagi while wiping her eyes. Once Tsukuyomi made Amaterasu so angry, so Amaterasu told Tsukuyomi not to reveal himself again in front of her. That was the beginning why the sun and the moon is never show up simultaneously.

In Naruto, Mugen Tsukuyomi is Madara’s jutsu that can control the all the people minds in this world at will. Madara’s principle is by controlling every person mind, he could prevent a conflict between humans, hence the war would never started, and the world stay in peace. However, this is just soooo wroong.. Isn’t it??


Mugen No Tsukoyomi
Tsukoyomi in Moon Phase Tsukoyomi Anime



Tsukoyomi in Yugi-Oh


Tsukoyomi in Pokemon

5. Kagutsuchi


Flame Lord, the last child of Izanami while she still alive. Because of Kagutsuchi birth, Izanami had burns that result in loss of her life. The angry Izanagi slammed Kagutsuchi, and the pieces of Kagutsuchi’s body scattered and formed volcanoes which spread throughout Japan.


Kagutsuchi (MyHime)


Flame Kagutshuchi in Darksummoner game



Kagutsuchi in Devil Summoner II game

Okay AkibaNation readers that was the five ancient Japan gods who often shown up in anime and games, hope interested in them. See you later. (@ ‘ー`)ノ゙




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